The menus



Menu for Mountaineers

  • Warm goat cheese salad or local delicatessen,or pie of the day
  • Kua Bessanais, or crozets gratin with beaufort cheese, or piece of salmon in butter sauce
  • Bocona ice-cream, or blueberry pie, or cottage cheese with berries, or dry cheeses


Menu for Hikers

  • Savoy-style salad, or local terrine
  • Tagliatelle : nature, carbonara, or bolognese, ou sausage from Savoy with crozets
  • Cottage cheese or dry cheeses or dessert of the day, or 2 scoops of ice cream (flavor of your choice)


Menu for Little Skiers

  • Cooked ham, or chopped steak - served with fries or crozets or green beans
  • 1 scoop of ice cream, or dessert of the day
  • For drink : 1 glass of syrup