The salads



All our salads can be ordered as "normal" or "giant"

  • SALADE SAVOYARDE (Salad, tomato, cooked ham, cheese, egg)
  • SALADE DE CHEVRE CHAUD (Salad, tomato, bacon, toasted goat cheese, walnut)
  • SALADE MONTAGNARDE (Salad, toasted reblochon cheese, potatoes, sliced ham, egg)
  • SALADE BUCHERONNE (Salad, potatoes, bacon, onions in hot vinegar, egg)
  • SALADE ‘LA BOCONA’ (Salad, toasted blue cheese, duck filet, tomato, garlic croutons, gizzard)
  • SALADE TERRE ET MER (Shredded lettuce along with fresh cream sauce - shallots, chopped chives - smoked salmon, warm potatoes, tomatoes)
  • SALADE VEGETARIENNE (Salad, tomatoes, warm toasts of reblochon and blue cheese)
  • SALADE BERGERE (Salad, warm toasts of raclette cheese, dried meats from Haute Maurienne, walnut, egg)
  • SALADE MAURIENNAISE (Salad, dried meats from Haute Maurienne, walnut, egg)